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Finding A Route

Autistic children find it very difficult to understand and follow instructions and often require many prompts to complete a task successfully. Many children also struggle to comply with rules. When moving from one location to another these difficulties are apparent. Common 'finding a route' prompts would include "stop" "wait" "fast" and "slow." Many autistic children find computers very engaging. They enjoy the visual and audio aspects of games. A game that incorporated clear and easily recognisable graphics and some interesting sounds would help autistic children learn to follow instructions and 'find a route.'

Florence the Frog is a fun game that helps children with autism to increase their abilities to find a route and listen to directions. We aim to achieve this through the use of child friendly characters and concepts. Florence is a hungry frog that needs to make his way across the pond to eat a delicious fly. He has to jump onto new lily pads to make it there, and avoid the old, bad lily pads. The game increases in complexity as the child advances through the levels. The game reinforces the following keywords that can be generalized into real world situations; 'go up', 'go down', 'go left' and 'go right'.